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We have a series of concerts and theatre events beginning in the winter of 2022.

Here is details of the ones for which tickets are going on sale in October 2022:

February 11th 2023: The John Hackett band

Joanne Harris with The Storytime Band

March 18th 2023: The Blackheart Orchestra (follow link to see more) Link

Date change – July 29th 2023: Philippa Hanna (solo, acoustic) (follow link to see more) Link

May 13th 2023: China Crisis (follow link to see more) Link

Date change – July 29th 2023: Philippa Hanna (solo, acoustic) (follow link to see more) Link


Now on sale:

The John Hackett Band & Joanne Harris and the StoryTime Band



John Hackett has been a much-loved and admired figure in the progressive rock scene since the mid-70’s; best-known for his flute work with his brother, former Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett on albums such as Voyage of The Acolyte, Sketches of Satie and Please Don’t Touch.

‘Progressive’ music in our sense of the word is based on rock-solid songwriting coupled with hot jazz drumming, melodic, funky bass, outstanding guitar in the form of Nick Fletcher (often compared to the late great jazz-fusion maestro Allan Holdsworth), and John Hackett himself – whose flute playing has graced so many albums and travels with such ease between classical, folk and rock.

 Drawing on songs from John’s solo albums Checking Out of London and Another Life, the evening also features material from the band’s debut, We Are Not Alone, the Hackett/Fletcher album Beyond the Stars and tunes for JHB’s new release due out Autumn 2023. 

Joanne Harris is the internationally acclaimed author of CHOCOLAT (the award-winning novel and Hollywood film), and many other best-selling novels, including THE GOSPEL OF LOKI, RUNEMARKS and RUNELIGHT. Her career also includes writing for TV, opera and musical theatre, and her work has been published in over 50 countries. She is also active on Twitter, where her live storytelling has become a popular phenomenon. From these stories, written from scratch in front of a Twitter audience, and sent out into the Twittersphere in segments of 140 characters, a whole book of stories has emerged – thought-provoking, funny, sad and completely original.

HONEYCOMB, an illustrated collection of 100 dark and interconnected tales, was published by Gollancz in the autumn of 2019. Meanwhile, Joanne and the Storytime Band have created #Storytime: a live show featuring tales from the book, plus image projections and music, as well as longer pieces based on her 2017 novella A POCKETFUL OF CROWS, and her new 2018 novella THE BLUE SALT ROAD.

This show (which premiered in 2016 in London’s King’s Place as part of the Tête-à-Tête festival) is intimate, engaging, quirky and darkly magical, appealing to audiences of all ages, but especially lovers of folklore, fantasy and fairytale.

Tickets are here: